Welcome to inSignificant Productions' web site. Yes, yes we know it's a strange name for a company but hey, what's in a name? It's the work that counts! Feel free to look around and find out more.


The icons below represent our three main areas of expertise. Each icon will show you projects we have completed in the past year and information on how we can help your business to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.
News Flash Keep up-to-date with events. Our news section lets you know what we're up to, the latest products shipped and awards received for our work. Check out the News tab in the menu above.
Checkpoint Checkpoint is a comprehensive learning experience covering the correct use of punctuation. It has been produced for Learndirect. It combines video, animation and interactive examples to make learning entertaining!

Clipbank Clipbank is a collection of 10 TV-ROMs for Channel 4 Learning which we have developed over the last 18 months. Each disk works on both PC and Macintosh and contains around 40 minutes of interactive video.

Shop@inSig You can purchase lots of lovely inSig geekware - like all the stuff we wear around the office, out at clubs and in all the wacky places we go when we're not programming.

Contact That's the trouble you see... not enough human communication. If you've got a question, need some advice or just want to talk then fill in the form or drop us a line.

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