One of the reasons we are called inSignificant productions is because we tend to produce the 'back-end' work people don't normally get to see.

We are specialists in database integration - FileMaker Pro, Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and web scripting languages - PHP, JSP, ASP, PERL.

We have been recently involved in a major project with Channel Four Learning to develop an online video streaming project. This site links directly with a series of TV-ROMS we have developed in conjunction with Channel Four which can be seen in the TV-ROM section of this website.

As well as expertise in database integration, we also have excellent skills utilizing Shockwave and Flash to develop interactive elements or web games to a website.

Insig will work with you, adapting to your needs and budget. Our creative team of in-house programmers can provide everything from a fully-integrated website to making your existing website function more efficiently.