Checkpoint - An interactive guide to punctuation

Following on from the success of our first TV-ROM with learndirect (called Word on the Street) comes our second entitled Checkpoint. It was produced in collaboration with Channel 4 who were commissioned to create a basic skills education package for the teaching of punctuation.

Breaking away from our traditional TV-ROM production, the information was structured in a 'step-by-step' approach to help break down the subject into manageable modules. This gives students the freedom to explore the TV-ROM at their own pace and be able to work on areas specific to their needs.

The use of cartoon characters, animated examples and interactive quizzes helps to ease the student into the course, adding a fun element to learning. Working closely with Oxfordshire County Council Adult Basic Skills Service who provided the course content, a resulting comprehensive interactive package was produced for adult education.

This TV-ROM is extensively used by all the LearnDirect centres throughout the country as both an in-house resource and also as a product that can be taken out by the user. It also allows the user to monitor their progress as they work towards the goal of lifelong learning.