Clipbank - Geography and Science

Geography and Science TV-ROMs were comissioned by Channel 4 Learning. A total of ten were produced, each covering topics such as 'Coasts' and 'Plants & Photosynthesis'.

This series of TV-ROMs supports a wide range of syllabuses in the Science and Geography curricula. Devised for use by teachers as well as students, information can be viewed with lesson planning and classroom tasks in mind.

Each TV-ROM contains two case study topics with a variety of information, pictures, video and animations to support the student in learning. In addition, the TV-ROMs link to the Clipbank website which contains a database of Realplayer videos and information to support the case studies discussed in the TV-ROM itself.

The Clipbank Geography is an ingenius educational experience which uses an array of media types to deliver National Curriculum subjects in a dynamic, easy-to-use and exciting way.

It contains full-screen interactive video; informative and comprehensive commentaries; Tasksheets; Lesson Plans; and educational activities together with links to a selection of websites.