Macbeth TV-ROM

The TV-ROM was commissioned by Channel 4 as a follow-up to their innovative production of Macbeth which was recorded specially for schools.

This production is now on the 2 disc TV-ROM in its entirety (86 mins of video), along with a comprehensive commentary about the play. This has been extensively developed with the help of teachers, students and educational consultants.

The commentary provides an in-depth analysis of the major characters and their motivations and includes discussions of the major themes of the play. The script or video can also be accessed at any point and will automatically scroll to the appropriate place in the play.

This results in a dynamic and interactive multimedia resource which should be seen as an almost indispensible guide to Macbeth for teachers and students alike. You can find out more about the Macbeth TV-ROM at the learning shop on the Channel 4 website.

Bett Award 2002