Samplers, Keyboards & Modules

E-MU E6400 ULTRA Sampler (128MB/18GB/128 Voices/SCSI) & Hewlett Packard SCSI CD-RW E-MU E5000 ULTRA Sampler (128MB/14GB/64 Voices/SCSI)

Greengate DS:4 Samplers w/ Apple IIGS computers Korg Karma Workstation Korg P100 Stage Piano Kurzweil K1000-EX Studiologic SL880 Master Keyboard Roland D50 Roland JX-1 Yamaha TX-7 E-MU Proteus

Sound Library

E-MU Sound Library Discs 1-8 Peter Siedlazcek's Advanced Orchestra & Upgrade Holy Grail Piano Vocal Planet Symphony of Voices Interactive Drumkits and Snares Bass Legends Hans Zimmer Guitars Volume I Hans Zimmer Guitars Volume II


Alesis Midiverb III Alesis Microverb III Drawmer DS-201 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander/Gate


Yamaha AW4416 16 Track Digital Audio Workstation (6GB/CD-RW/MY-8AD)

Spirit Folio 8:2 Audio Technica AT4050 w/pop shield

Computers & Sequencing

Apple iBook (500MHZ/384MB/10GB/DVD-ROM & CD-RW Combo)

MOTU Fastlane Dual Port USB MIDI I/F MOTU Digital Performer/Performer Sibelius 1.4 w/PhotoScore Pro Canon CanoScan N670U Scanner Samsung ML 1210 Laserprinter


Sony JE-470 MiniDisc Deck

Sony TCD-D8 Portable DAT Recorder